Lambs for SALE!

I have 3 lambs and 2 ram lambs for sale and ready to go.  These guys are 3/4 White Dorper.


  • Lambs: $200 each
  • Ram Lambs: $250

Sheep Grazing on the Season’s Newest Grass

Here are the Ewes and their lambs feasting on the first grasses of the season. This is how their summer will go.

Some of these White Dorper babies will be ready to sell come June: lambs = $250; rambs = $350


First Grasses - Breakfast

First Grasses – Breakfast

Simon for the Market

Simon, Grass Fed Jersey (450 hanging weight)

Simon, Grass Fed Jersey (450 hanging weight)

Label Simon

Price List Coming! 

Some Latest Shots

flock Zeus


Some Holiday Shots of the crew. The Ram is a White Dorper, Zeus.

The brotherhood of ram lambs

The Four Brothers

The Four Brothers

A Prize

A Prize










It’s always great when you see your work growing before your very eyes. In this case, here are 4 Ram Lambs, the biggest is approximately 95 lbs. We’re thinking of keeping him for a new line, to start next year. The other 3 – along with their 3 sisters (in another paddock) will likely end up at Green Pasture Meats.

And of course Aldo, our Maremma, at 2, and proudly purchased from Peavine Hollow Farm.